Vegan Alkaline Rubin Sandwich

Vega Alkaline Rubin Sandwich

This is a delicious easy to prepare meal that can be accompanied by soup or salad or just enjoyed alone. Highly nutritious and the kids and dad will love it.

Ingredients  For Two Sandwices

Grape seed oil

Your favorite ancient gran bread sliced  ( i e. rye, kemut, spelt)

One sliced red onion

Half  a red cabbage thinly sliced

2 Portobello Mushrooms

2 Small  red and yellow bell peppers.

Half cup of sliced of white mushrooms

Cheese may be any vegan cheese chia cheese being the best choice if available just use enough to cover the 4 bread slices for the sandwich.

half an avocado (optional)


Sautee the opinions and red cabbage until carmalized about 20 min in some grape seed oil

Sautee the bell peppers until soft then add the mushrooms and continue to cook until the mushrooms until they are lightly browned in grape seed oil.

Brown bread slices I  grapeseed oil until toasty then spread each of the four slices with your cheese

Assemble your sandwich with the ion cabbage mixture first the add the mushroom bell pepper mixtures . You can return the sandwich to the pan and place a cove over the sandwiches until the cheese melts.



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